Pine Top Intermediate H.T.(Feb 2023) - Entries
RiderHorseDivisionStatusBalance DueDeposit BalMissing
Adam, HeidiHussaar SunsetSTRAccepted
Adams, AshleyPeter Parker GSMOD-OAccepted - Incomplete25.00
Adams, AshleyCharlyMOD-OAccepted
Adams, AshleyGlobal HalcyonONAccepted
Adams, AshleyQuicksilver GränsMOD-OAccepted
Alland, AudraThe ImmigrantONAccepted
Auckett-Stowe, GenevaB.E. Bankwood BoyJTRAccepted
Bagwell, HudsynArdeo Mermus HillJTRAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn G 23Rodwig
Bain, SydneyAlley's AngelSNRAccepted
Ballard, EmilySexy Swingin WalkMOD-OAccepted
Barr, FyliciaQuantum CooleyTNAccepted
Barr, FyliciaGalloway SunriseOP2Accepted
Beale Clement, AmandaCarlson 119AIAccepted
Beale Clement, AmandaCanny CalypsoOPAccepted
Beale, SusieOver The MoonMOD-OAccepted
Berdell, JenniferWaffleSNRAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn H 11Deep Purple Eventing
Beshear, EmilyBad Moon RisingOIAcceptedEE Payment Reference,EE Payment ReferenceY - Barn H 12,Barn H 14Deep Purple Eventing
Beshear, EmilyDeal With ItOIAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn H 13Deep Purple Eventing
Beshear, EmilyRio De JaneiroOIAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn H 15Deep Purple Eventing
Beshear, EmilyCompromise ElsewhereONAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn G 16Rogers
Beshear, EmilyRule of ThumbMOD-OAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn H 16Deep Purple Eventing
Bienemann, TraceyMenlo ParkOTAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn H 6Bienemann
Bienemann, TraceyReg the LedgeOPAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn H 7Bienemann
Bienemann, TraceyVenezuelan RiverOTAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn H 8Bienemann
Bienemann, TraceyHuckleberrys BroONAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn H 5Bienemann
Borgia, LisaSilmarillionIRAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn I 39Holder Event Team
Borgia, LisaWhisperycrownOP2AcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn I 40Holder Event Team
Brock, MacieWindchase AndromedaJTRAccepted
Brown, KateGorsehill AmyOPAccepted
Brown, KateKokolekaONAccepted
Brown, KateThree CountiesONAccepted
Buchanan, Maggie3,2,1, BlastoffOTAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn H 9Eventing at NC State
Buenting, AbbyCalvinSNRAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn G 18
Burchianti, BrookeCooley Space GreyOP2Accepted - Incomplete40.00
Burgess, KristineArakanOPAccepted
Bush, HeatherBond 007MOD-OAccepted
Cady, MindyFit for Fun RaaSTRAccepted
Cardin, EmilyHackerMOD-RAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn H 37
Chapman, SethImperial ScoutOTAccepted
Chapman, SethStarfield DiathiPRAccepted
Choate, EllePaddrickIRAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn H 38
Ciccone, GabrielleOklahoma AceSTRAccepted
Clarkson, MayaFE Velvet UndergroundOTAccepted
Clarkson, MayaMaks Mojo CIRAccepted
Cluff-Ryan, LeilaGrand FinaleOP2Accepted100.00EE Payment ReferenceY - Barn I 1McConnon Eventing
Connolly, AbigailAfter EightSTRAccepted
Coolidge, OliviaBold ImpressionPRAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn F 1Coolidge
Cooper, CourtneyBriarhill Excel Star Take 2OP2Accepted
Cooper, CourtneyR River StarOP2Accepted
Cooper, CourtneyExcel Star Mr. De MuzeONAccepted
Cooper, CourtneyExcel Star TrumanONAccepted
Courtenay, CarrollMr. Puff Higgens Jr.MOD-RAccepted
Covar, SummerMona LisaPRAccepted
Craft, IsabellaClassic EndeavorTNAccepted
Crandall, BrittanyCooley AlmightyOIAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn I 21Faudree
Cullen-Dean, IvieCarden Balou MoonOP2AcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn H 24UK Eventing
Cullen-Dean, IvieFernhill CardevegaONAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn H 25UK Eventing
Cumbea, McKenzieSix Gun SaluteOTAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn I 35Faudree
Cumbea, McKenzieCCS SpotlightONAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn I 32Faudree
Cumbea, McKenzieGrey CobraONAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn I 34Faudree
Cumbea, McKenzieCheckmate S ZONAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn I 33Faudree
Cymerman, JeffreyBonnie Prince StewartSTRAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn H 40
Daily, ShannonEPA EleganceSNRAccepted
Dal Cin, LilyInterstellarOTAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn I 2McConnon Eventing
Davis, Mary BessGalteemore’s NormanONAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn G 9Triple Creek Eventing
Davis, Mary BessImperio MagicOIAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn G 8Triple Creek Eventing
Davis, Mary BessMoniusMOD-OAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn G 7Triple Creek Eventing
Davis, Mary BessFernhill MotownONAccepted - Incomplete25.00EE Payment ReferenceY - Barn G 12Triple Creek Eventing
Delahanty, KieraBGS Silver LiningSTRAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn H 26UK Eventing
Demeulemester, JaneFGF LyfordSNRAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn H 2Alex Martini Eventing
Devening, OliviaMaximusMOD-RAccepted
Drewry, KelseyFGF Big Louie DTNAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn G 4Triple Creek Eventing
Dugan, BevinSnow Wind SNOPAccepted
Elliott, SydneyCommando D' OsthuyAIAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn F 5
Englehardt, WillWEC Emperor of HopeOPAccepted
Faison, AmyMettraiseOPAccepted
Faudree, WillFernhill B GoodOP2AcceptedCheckY - Barn I 24Faudree
Faudree, WillMama's Magic WayAIAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn I 28Faudree
Faudree, WillPFunAIAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn I 29Faudree
Faudree, WillReloadedOP2AcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn I 30Faudree
Fortson, BlakeQuiana AFOPAccepted - Incomplete449.00
Fulton, SavannahCash PointOPAccepted
Gornall, SusanGrey AreaOPAccepted
Hagaman, SydneyCharmeurOPAccepted
Hankey, MavVanir De MiroTNAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn H 3Alex Martini Eventing
Harsch, Mary CarolTheodore alCodaSNRAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn G 11Triple Creek Eventing
Heard, LillianBellines Quality LadyOPAccepted
Heard, LillianChillyOIAccepted
Heard, LillianCooley GentlemanOIAccepted
Heard, LillianDassett OlympusAIAccepted
Helgren, JenniferDel RioMOD-RAccepted
Henriksen, ChristinaCisco's Calor ZOPAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn I 37Henriksen
Henriksen, ChristinaJTH ZestOPAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn I 38Henriksen
Hope, FrancesSpirits LegacySNRAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn H 10Eventing at NC State
Hope, MarySer DantaeSNRAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn H 17Deep Purple Eventing
Hopkins, MeganNeverthelessOTAcceptedCheckY - Barn H 18Deep Purple Eventing
Hopkins, MeganNight MovesJYOPAcceptedCheckY - Barn H 19Deep Purple Eventing
Horn, ColeMBF Dignified DuchessONAccepted
Horn, ColeThe WellermanOTAccepted
Hsue, MadysonRoll of the DiceOTAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn H 27UK Eventing
Hulon, SkyeSmooth SailingSNRAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn H 21Twin Tree Farm
Hutcheson, Anna RoseF for FortuneSTRAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn G 5Triple Creek Eventing
Jennings, JaneClarkes Sweet MusicOTAccepted
Jennings, JaneLarano 5OP2Accepted
Johnson, KatieDarth RaiderJNRAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn F 3White
Kanara, ErinExcel Star SkywalkerTNAccepted
Kanara, ErinMaximum ImpactONAccepted
Kanara, ErinExcel Star Light the Road ONAccepted
Kanara, ErinWindchase LionstarOPAccepted
Kelley, LindsayCooley CarreraOTAccepted
Kelley, LindsaySydneyOTAccepted
Kelly, CatherineCooley MeridianJTRAccepted
Kidney, CaitlinWoolaston PromiseSTRAccepted
Kidney, LeahFuego's FabulousOTAccepted
Kidney, MattFuzionOIAccepted
Kidney, MattMecari-EOTAccepted
Kilgo-Kelly, BrianCaspianONAccepted
Klein, PeytonPleasant HumphreyOPAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn H 33Talley
Knowles, AlexandraStreet CallOIAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn I 12Davidson
Knowles, AlexandraBusiness ClassOPAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn I 16,Barn I 11Davidson
Knowles, AlexandraLeamore VentureOPAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn I 14Davidson
Knowles, AlexandraMorswoodOIAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn I 13Davidson
Knowles, AlexandraHans ChristianOPAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn I 15Davidson
Knowles, AlexandraBoo RadleyOPAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn I 17Davidson
Koppin, MichelleCalcourt ValleyOPAccepted
Kuchta, MikkiSpecial ReserveOPAccepted
Kuhn, SarahMr. Cash van de StartOIAccepted
Kuhn, SarahHashtag TrendingOPAccepted
Lamb, LeslieBanjoOIAccepted
Lamb, LeslieTohaONAccepted
Leake, DenyaKeltySNRAccepted
Levesque, JennaBorn ReadySTRAccepted
Lichten, KatieHTS Jensen RMOD-OAccepted
Manning, BriannaAdrenaline RushJTRAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn H 22Twin Tree Farm
Martin, BoydAsti's CharmingMOD-OAccepted
Martin, BoydBarney RubbleOP2Accepted
Martin, BoydCommando 3OP2Accepted
Martin, BoydContessaOIAccepted
Martin, BoydMiss LuLu HerselfOIAccepted
Martin, BoydMo ChroiMOD-OAccepted
Martin, BoydTsetserlegOIAccepted
Martin, BoydChirazMOD-OAccepted
Martini, AlexPoynstown JaguarOP2AcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn H 4Alex Martini Eventing
Mary, JordynPS Master CobraMOD-RAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn F 6
McConnon, AndrewD'Luxe SteelOPAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn I 3McConnon Eventing
McConnon, AndrewFerrie's CelloOIAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn I 4McConnon Eventing
McConnon, AndrewWakita 54OIAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn I 5McConnon Eventing
Meyers, LaurenSW Cooley WinePortSTRAccepted
Meyers, NickAll GoldOPAccepted
Midgley, KatarinaDon MacOTAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn G 14Auburn Eventing
Midgley, KatarinaDitchMOD-OAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn G 13Auburn Eventing
Miller, CrockettMr PandaMOD-RAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn H 29Miller
Miller, CrockettSwell ContinentalMOD-RAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn H 30Miller
Miller, SophieQuarlotta COTAccepted
Montemayor, AlanAZOP2AcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn G 21Montemayor
Montemayor, AlanTonathiuONAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn G 22Montemayor
Moreira Da Silva, NilsonGasparo van de FaliebergMOD-OAccepted
Muntz, LivyFGF DollarsforPenniesMOD-RAccepted
Murray, BrieFernhill Ranga TangaONAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn G 6Triple Creek Eventing
Ogan, AudreyAlways CooleyOPAccepted
Orlowski, LauraSt. BenedictPRAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn H 32Orlowski
Palmer, JacksonCinzanoPRAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn H 28UK Eventing
Parker, MollyAbiding TributeONAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn I 6McConnon Eventing
Parker, MollyMomma's Little SecretMOD-OAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn I 7McConnon Eventing
Pearce, TarynMilagro SEMOD-OAccepted
Pendleton, MichaelJohnny WalkerMOD-OAcceptedCoggins: Missing
Pendleton, MichaelAdorradoMOD-OAccepted
Pendleton, MichaelKing SiegfredOTAccepted
Pendleton, MichaelRedfield FellowOIAccepted - Incomplete443.00
Perea, ElenaB. E. IsabellaMOD-OAccepted
Petersen, MiaFernhill RoyaleAIAccepted
Philipps, DylanFVF Top GunJYOPAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn I 8,Barn I 9McConnon Eventing
Phillips, LaineyGlobal Exellencia ZMOD-RAccepted
Plumb, CassieExcel Star Eye CandyPRAccepted
Pugh Goodman, KellyFanlehane ValentinoMOD-OAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn G 20Pugh
Pugh Goodman, KellyRingwood TrendsetterOIAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn G 19Pugh
Quigley, ElizaCarlsburgJYOPAccepted
Quigley, ElizaContaroOTAccepted
Quigley, ElizaKwibusJYOPAccepted
Ragan, MargaretTanimo Proosthof ZOTAccepted
Reeder, MykaCleverlySTRAccepted
Renfroe, ErinMonbeg MythOPAccepted
Roberts, LaraFernhill Show BizOTAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn G 15Auburn Eventing
Roberts, WaylonFernhill Salt LakeOPAccepted
Roberts, WaylonOKE Ruby ROPAccepted
Roberts, WaylonConfidence LevelOTAccepted
Rodwig, IsabellaDempseySTRAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn G 24Rodwig
Rush, ErinBora Bora BoundMOD-RAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn F 7
Scherrer, NikkiBold TigerMOD-OAccepted
Schultz, SydneyExcel Star HomerONAccepted
Schultz, SydneyExcel Star SaphiraMOD-OAccepted
Selmayr, BooliMillfield LancandoAIAccepted
Selmayr, BooliQuality TouchdownOPAccepted
Severson, KimCooley Corraghy DiamondOTAccepted
Shinn, SydneyHSH CryptoMOD-OAccepted
Shurtz, SierraMaster BrooklynMOD-OAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn F 8
Silliman, CaitlinExcel Star Vero AmoreMOD-OAccepted
Silliman, CaitlinKeepsakeMOD-OAccepted
Speck, BradenBSF LiamOPAccepted
Speck, KaelenCharmed VictoryOIAccepted
Springer, AllisonCastle Howard RomeoOPAccepted
Springer, AllisonMonbeg ZebedeeMOD-OAccepted
Springer, AllisonNo May MoonOIAccepted
Springer, AllisonVandykeAIAccepted
Stewart, TiffanyMendelssohnONAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn G 10Triple Creek Eventing
Stiver, MalloryHennessy VenomPRAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn F 2Coolidge
Stoltzfus, VanessaTeddy SarcoOP2Accepted
Sturgill, SydneyPapa PabloONAccepted
Talley, ChrisLoughtown CICI ZAOPAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn H 35Talley
Talley, ChrisGinaOPAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn H 34Talley
Talley, ChrisRappahannockOPAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn H 36Talley
Tankersley, KariOver the MoonSTRAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn H 23Twin Tree Farm
Traisnel, LindsayBacyrougeOIAccepted
Traisnel, LindsayGame FaceONAccepted
Ulmer, MatthewKings CarterOPAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn I 18Ulmer
Ulmer, MatthewMetalbridge KnightOTAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn I 19Ulmer
Ulmer, MatthewWellview Mister LuxIRAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn I 20Ulmer
VanderVliet, LauraFGF PapamacMOD-OAccepted
Walker, KaiJust Call Me QJNRAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn F 9
Wallskog, CassandraMarquet RiseOPAcceptedEE Payment Reference,EE Payment ReferenceY - Barn I 25,Barn I 26Faudree
Watson, EmilyKilcandra Prince DignifiedMOD-RAccepted
Welker-Ebling, ElizabethSantana IIOP2Accepted
White, PaytonFGF Thin SpacesJNRAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Barn F 4White
Wood, RyanCheck PointOPAccepted
Wood, RyanCooley ContinentalOPAccepted
Wood, RyanCooley FlightOPAccepted
Zgrebnak, RileyCooley Criminal MindJNRAccepted
deButts, JordanThirsty for GoldONAccepted

Division Entries
IRIntermediate Rider4
JNRJunior Novice Rider4
JTRJunior Training Rider5
MOD-OModified - Open28
MOD-RModified - Rider11
OIOpen Intermediate22
ONOpen Novice27
OPOpen Preliminary40
OP2Open Prelim 2 Day (Sat-Sun)16
OTOpen Training24
PRPreliminary Rider7
SNRSenior Novice Rider10
STRSenior Training Rider13